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The a7 List. Artist Info.

An unwavering vision combined with a commitment to excellence and an arsenal of exceptional talent continues to make All Saints Radio one of the new influencers in the music industry. The a7 List presents the world with an avenue to hear YOUR creative passion for music with a higher calling!


We understand the challenges that face Indie artists in the 21st century. Whether it be On- Air support or artist management, inclusion on The a7 List is a unique way to get your music spotlighted on a highly diversified, high profile set of media outlets including nationally syndicated radio and national lifestyle retailers with access to millennial tastemakers across the planet.    

If you are an Indie artist, please take advantage of the opportunity to discover an effective and exciting way to launch your next music project! 

Be sure to share a little about yourself on the form below. One of our Team ASR members will contact you to discuss how the a7 List can help you!

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