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The a7 List. Shuree.

She’s a powerful singer, a talented songwriter, a tireless ministry partner, and an inspiring advocate for at-risk youth, but growing up in a broken home in Columbus, Ohio, Shuree’s future was anything but secure. Her young life was scarred by domestic violence and addiction among her family members, which led to hardship around every corner and culminated in the loss of her younger sister to a drug overdose.

Despite the chaos and challenges, Shuree grew up in a Christian home – sort of. She was four years old when a family from up the hill came knocking at her door. Her parents accepted Christ and began attending church. Though her family’s time in the church brought some peace to their home, it was short-lived, as the potency of addiction soon overwhelmed her family members once again. This led to a defining spiritual moment for Shuree. She had to decide for herself what she believed. In the end, God was real to her and the teachings of her church were powerful. At that young age, Shuree made the choice to return to church without her parents.

Unsure of how performing would fit into her future, at 17 Shuree heard a man play “Amazing Grace” on the saxophone and she knew she was being called. God’s plans for her became clear, and she knew that it was for Him that she needed to use her gifts and talents. Knowing that she needed a change, Shuree escaped the family drama by attending college in Nyack, New York, where she studied music business and began preparing for a career that fit within that spiritual calling.

The “One Girl Can Change The World” album, the focused launch of Shuree’s mission, was accepted with open arms and to great celebration. Shuree travelled from church to church for the next two years, spreading her word of change through powerful speaking, via music that made people dance, sing, and realize that with His help, we can be powerful and make a difference.

Shuree began to speak of her “3 Ps:” the basis of her public speaking and an explanation of the path to change. The 3 P’s, Shuree states, are to live passionately, purposefully and powerfully for God in today’s society.

“Passion is the one thing we all have in common,” Shuree says of the first ‘P.’ “Passion is suffering, setbacks, disappointments, or heartaches. It is the Passion of Christ in all of us. Your passion story is what God uses for you to change the world, but only if you allow Him to take the broken pieces of your life and make them beautiful. When we give our broken pieces to the Almighty, He lifts us up, makes us stronger, and sends us out with a purpose.”

The second ‘P’ is purpose. “This is usually discovered out of your passion story, your brokenness. It is that thing in the world you feel compelled to change because of what you or someone you love has been through. Your purpose is the thing God created you to do to help change the world. Now changing the world is no easy task. If it were, everyone would be doing it, but once we give God our passion story and broken pieces, we discover our purpose.”

Shuree concludes with the third ‘P,’ “Power is being 110% who God created you to be and nothing less. It is your unique gifts and talents. It is the Holy Spirit working through us. You take those things to create change in the world, and it is your power that allows you to ‘Be The Change.’”


This project is something she believes God has been preparing her for all her life, so it’s no surprise when she describes the songwriting process as nothing less than divinely inspired. “I felt like God would literally just come into the room, and He gave me the songs each session,” Shuree recalls.

One of the tracks she co-wrote for the album is “Be the Change,” a rousing anthem and the project’s lead single. The most recent Grammy telecast inspired the song. Shuree noticed a wave of negative comments on social media, many from Christians. While she agreed with much of the criticism, she wanted to inspire others to not just sit back, but to do something positive that could impact others for Christ, and that’s what she is committed to doing. As her career has continued on its upward trajectory, Shuree’s pop sound has matured and her message has become more strategic. Each song is grounded in scripture, and she’s not afraid to make her beliefs known. In the midst of it all, her passion for God and for life shines through.

Shuree’s goal is to see everyone healthy, whole and anchored in faith in God. And with her history, that is anything but lip service. She’s done the hard work to overcome her own negative past in order to step into her full purpose in Christ.

She’s made the most of what she’s been given and turned obstacles into inspiration. Through all the ups and downs, Shuree’s faith has preserved her and given her a joy and zest for life that no circumstance or tragedy has ever taken away. That’s why she is committed to sharing her stories through her music, in the hope that she may inspire others to live life to the fullest, even when the unexpected happens.

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