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The a7 List. Truthful Justice.

Husband. Wife. Father. Mother. Family. It’s everything this duo is about; God, the nucleus of everything that they do. Jacksonville, Florida natives Jason and Tori Peoples, have long awaited the day of opportunity to express the heart beat of their creativity through music. And now, the Studio Caffe presents the inspiring sounds of Truthful Justice.

 The two are driven to interpret this artistry with the highest form of integrity. Truthful Justice strives to produce life inspiring; thought provoking music. The duo fuses their love for Jazz, soul, funk, world and folk music.  It is a sound that has been described by numerous industry professionals as revolutionary.


“Love Unparalleled”

We’re living in a world where straight lines no longer intersect. The battle for domination among the sexes intercepts all perpendicular paths that pinpoint marriage on a map.  Relationships are trapped in neutral unable to navigate the rough terrain of “forever” – love. May you be once again rediscovered in a sea of unparalleled scribbles.

Check our more from the new EP record Love Unparalleled: 

 Their latest project Salvation and Justice for All (2017) is an epic tale of world struggles, love loss and found, rooted Gospel long forgotten, and the Son of man remembered. It embodies the call to deliver music that reflects the times.  From rhythmic bass lines and pocket grooves, to enchanting strings and synths; Salvation and Justice for All  represents all things Truthful Justice.

 In the past the duo has shared the performance stage with Motown Record’s Royce Lovett, national recording artist Leon Timbo, Lisa McClendon, Da’ T.R.U.T.H., and various other highly respected talents.  Truthful Justice now seeks to utilize those same opportunities to reintroduce a world devoid of respect and an utter regard for humanity to true love; their music expose both “better and worst”.

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