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AD 2019.

Welcome to 2019 Saints! Here’s our opportunity to created the best year of our lives… Each day, we will make a choice to Win The Day or settle for whatever limits others define our existence should be…

God Almighty has given us ALL POWER to affect change in or families, our communities and ultimately the planet we live in…

In 2019, the team at All Saints Radio with Derriqmaq is on a mission to present the Gospel in places + spaces that we’ve never been before. We are dedicated to being authentic in our pursuit of the Gospel and making sure each episode of ASR reflects our sincere desire to live a more excellent life by God’s GRACE.

Take a minute to consider that you have accomplished much this past year. Big or small, you began and finished each day on the way to living through the tapestry of life called 2018…consider how many people around the planet didn’t live to breathe through the moments you are exhaling RIGHT NOW.

In 2019, BE BRAVE. Commit to EXCELLENCE. do not leave a day without winning it…please understand, someone is counting on you to be the GREATEST YOU EVER.

Whatever your vision is, God is prepared to show out on your behalf! All you need to do is STAY FOCUSED and be persistent…there may be those much more talented and even more educated but if you stay focused and persistent, in the end, YOU WILL PREVAIL.

Let them look. Let them talk. It’s okay. Your success does not rely on their fleeting opinions but on your ability to go with GOD. In 2019, be about the business of building the vision Almighty God gave you! Trust + Believe, there is nothing better than realizing the promise of HOPE. I know you have GREATNESS within.

This is truly Music With A Higher Calling. I’m looking forward to what’s next in 2019! Rock On Saints!

In 2019, the operative word is VICTORY. We fight ..We fight…WE WIN. Amen+Amen!

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