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ARK Campaign. SOXROX

The ASR: ACTS OF RANDOM KINDNESS campaign continues with the introduction of  SOXROX!

The mission is simple…to provide joy to the homeless with new socks.

Our vision is to be able to provide every homeless person in the United States with a few new pairs of socks every year.

We started in San Antonio, Texas  in the University of Texas San Antonio Downtown parking lot and have pushed the mission of new socks for the homeless all across the United States online + on air via our nationally syndicated version of All Saints Radio with Derriqmaq Inside the DTLR Radio Studio ( and the Digital 316 Studio!

The SOXROX Campaign accomplishes three things:

1. Collects and purchases new socks

In trying to raise awareness for the homeless, we conduct sock drives in the community. These drives can be with schools, service clubs, church groups, college organizations or anywhere else that a group wants to get involved. After the drive the new socks are collected, sorted and packed for distribution.

2. Distributes the socks to the homeless

This is what it’s all about … finally getting the new socks where they are needed. And this is done a number of ways.

From the fundraising, new socks are purchased to be handed out by volunteers directly to the homeless at places like homeless shelters, cafeterias (formerly soup kitchens), and clinics for the homeless.

Socks can also be distributed to organizations that redistribute them to the homeless that they care for. Another way to distribute the new socks and raise awareness of homelessness is to actually have members of the community go to the homeless shelters, cafeterias (formerly soup kitchens), and clinics for the homeless, and hand them directly to the needy.

3. Raises Funds

We raise funds from individuals, companies and foundations to both purchase new socks and run our operations.

Learn more about how you can get a SOXROX campaign started in your community by inquiring here:

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