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ASR LIVE with Derriqmaq.

Hey ASR Family! It’s the first LIVE music showcase featuring artists you hear during the San Antonio edition of All Saints Radio with Derriqmaq on 98.5 The Beat!

I’m excited to invite you to be a part of history in the making! Stay connected to ASR via social media and stay tuned to ASR on Sundays for full details on how you can win your way into the first edition of ASR LIVE with Derriqmaq!

ASR LIVE. Featuring performances by: Jarrell, SonDaye Live Zealous, Piri Marrero, Kara Nichole Robinson, Like A Sparrow and Dre’ L.O.C.


Location: Breathe Lounge: 8800 Broadway, San Antonio, Texas

All Saints Radio with Derriqmaq. It’s #MusicWithAHigherCalling

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