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ASR Music News. B. Reith.

Not many recording artists carry the titles “singer, rapper, songwriter & producer” and stand out in each category. That’s what makes B.Reith (pronounced RYE-TH) so unique, and why so many people have fallen in love with his authentic sound.

B.Reith (born Brian Reith) grew up in Milwaukee and began singing on commercials at the age of five. His father owned a recording studio, in which Brian fell in love with the art of creating music. Singing and performing at churches and in school was the playground where he developed a passion for entertaining others by serving them with his gifts.

B.Reith finished his new EP “Heart On My Sleeve” and did a soft release, making it available through Pledge Music, along with access to exclusive behind the scenes video footage from inside the studio and out traveling on the road.

You can download the EP here instantly, as well as pre-order the physical CD, get your name in the linear notes, get a birthday phone call from B.Reith, a custom song, and many other options at Pledge Music.


1. Pick your favorite song off of “Heart On My Sleeve”.

2. Record a video (as long or short as you want) of your creative interpretation of that song (singing , dancing, creative or basic as you like).

3. Post it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (or all 3) including the hashtag #BReithCover. Be sure to tag him in it!

IG: @Breithofficial

Twitter: @b_reith

Facebook: breithmusic   

As Always, it’s greatly appreciated when you share on social media!

The 3 Top videos receive the following:  A personal phone call from B. Reith, handwritten lyrics to the song you covered, plus a signed CD! Get the full details at

Deadline for qualifying is 10.28.2016.

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