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ASR Music News. Carmen Justice

Carmen Justice debuts Brand New Jams on All Saints Radio! “Poco a Poco” in English means “little by little”, a phrase she learned visiting Honduras this summer. Carmen met a couple there who were missionaries and they told her many stories about their time in Tegucigalpa the capital — the beautiful parts and the not so beautiful parts. The missionary’s wife was saying how there are days when she felt like she doubted if she was really making a difference, and they both mentioned how they felt like some days were really tough even though they both knew they were doing the work that God wanted them to do. They shared the phrase “poco a poco” that they would pray over their life and was something they would say to each other as they felt the weight of life on their shoulders.That phrase resonated Carmen and has become a phrase that she reminds herself of when she feels like the world around her is LOCO!

Listen to Poco a Poco from Carmen Justice:

So tell your friends to get ready, save it on Spotify, pre-order on iTunes, mark their calendar, or whatever people like to do these days to get ready for POCO A POCO!!

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