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ASR Music News. Gerry Skrills.

The Die Daily team has added yet another element to their influential roster of artists, producers, singers, pastors, and dj’s. The collective that includes the likes of Kadence, Sean C. Johnson, Street Hymns, OnBeat Music, Halo Hitz and many more is now home to San Diego-based emcee Gerry Skrillz.

Coming strong off his first full length album No Apologies, Skrillz has most recently been making waves with his newest single Godspeed feat Kishon Furlow and is expected to release his new EP before the end of year.


While the Die Daily team is well known for their undeniable gathering of talent, the movement looks to do much more than just create music. Die Daily strives to impact their communities and especially the youth of this generation with the power of The Gospel. At the heart of the movement is the need to live a life that exemplifies dying daily to self and serving others.

Gerry shares the vison of his teammates and serves alongside the youth ministry pastoral staff/leadership at his local church, Calvary Chapel San Diego.  Joining the instrumental movement will allow both Gerry and Die Daily to further serve their communities and jointly influence our generation.

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