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ASR Music News. Drew Smith.

(Philadelphia, PA) – Recording artist Drew Smith sets to release an inspirational album, A Dream Never Dies, on November 15. The 10-track LP, produced solely by Kevin Mayfield fka Hot Handz, features Sharon Ann, BET’s Sunday Best season 6 finalist Kefia Rollerson and more.

Standing as a thought-provoking piece of art that makes up a project full of life and hope, A Dream Never Dies shares the story of a dreamer and a survivor. The album is proof of faith working together for good and towards a desired destination, despite life’s family scars, life-changing decisions, peer expectations and other detours.

A Dream Never Dies is led by Drew Smith’s current single, “Wanna Be,” which compares the reality of living up to the expectations of others versus being free in what you feel called to be.


In “Thorn & Tree” for example, Drew creates a relatable narrative that parallels with the story of Paul (Holy Bible) and the idea of struggling between what the flesh wants and what the spirit needs. In tracks like “Wanna Be,” “Casting Rope,” “Survivor” and “Gold Star,” he offers words of encouragement, shedding light on our victories and the faith that drives it. He also address social issues in “Summer of Rome” and “Tumble Weed,” and ends the project with a vow to remain focused on the reason he’s able to share his journey in “Fame,” a song written from the perspective of a misunderstood creative in the public eye.

Each song has its own feel. I wanted to make sure the music matched his voice,” producer Kevin Mayfield, whose credits include Ambassador, Da’Truth and Social Club Misfits, said about working with Drew on A Dream Never Dies. “It took a while since we both like to strive for excellence, but it was worth the wait.”

The purpose of this timeless project is to connect with the everyday dreamer. “I hope this project ignites people’s childhood memories and sparks their desires to go after their purpose with a fresh passion,” Drew says. “Life is a journey and this project is the start of me unfolding mine.”

A Dream Never Dies Track List

1. 2 AM
2. 1988 (feat. Alesia Diggs & Sharon Ann)
3. Wanna Be
4. Tumble Weed (feat. Kefia Rollerson)
5. Gold Star (feat. Liz Mott)
6. Summer of Rome
7. Casting Ropes
8. Thorn & Tree
9. Survivor (feat. Kevin Mayfield)
10. Fame (feat. Mimi)

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