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ASR Music News. Humble Beast.

We are happy to announce that, as of Thursday, May 25, Humble Beast we have began operating fully as a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible, non-profit organization.

After initially considering this option when we first established Humble Beast, we decided the best route was to hit the ground running as a for-profit corporation.  From that first day to this day, generosity and giving has been deeply woven into our DNA. But the more we gave away for free the more the bills kept landing on our desk. We sought alternate and creative sources of revenue (remember Left Roasters?), but, while many of these were personally rewarding, they did little to offset our costs and our ministry resources remained dangerously thin.

Through much prayer and consultation, we have concluded that the best way to serve you and God’s Kingdom at large requires a greater paradigm shift within our business model. As a result, we committed to become a non-profit organization this month. We did this because we believe this provides us with the best opportunity to accomplish and even expand our identity as a creative ministry. Taking these steps frees us to do more. It paves the way for us to do more with and for the Church all so that we may reach the urban community here and around the world with our art, our resources, and the Gospel. We also believe this clears space for future creative projects from our staff and gives our artists time to get back into the studio (anyone ready for a new Beautiful Eulogy album?).

Now here is how you can help us. This evolution brings many needs to the surface, the first and foremost being your prayers. After that, our most pressing need is financial. To get this non-profit off the ground, we need your fiscal partnership. This is why over the next two months we will attempt, by God’s grace, to raise $125,000 to solidify our ministry this year and make a way for its success in the future. These initial donations will specifically help us make more music you love in the upcoming months while also allowing us to serve the church and creative community in this year’s second annual Canvas Conference.

We reach out to you to ask you with all humility: Will you help us? Will you be a personal, tangible expression of God’s grace to us? Will you join us in praying for this new endeavor? Will you consider becoming a financial partner in our music and ministry? We invite you – our Humble Beast family – to help us fulfill of our mission. We want to make our ministry your ministry. We want you to become a greater part of the work God is doing through Humble Beast and for us to rejoice in seeing God work through you. Believe us when we say, we cannot do this without you.

So please partner to pray for us and to give financially by donating at today!

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Humble Beast is a a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under IRS guidelines and all donations are fully tax deductible as allowable by law.  To donate visit here.

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