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ASR Music News. Newday Worship.

Newday is one of the largest Christian events for young people that takes place in the UK every year. Young people aged right through their teenage years and on into their early 20’s join together from churches up and down the UK and Europe to learn about and worship God, camp out together, soak in the summer festival feeling, leaving Newday further along in there relationship with Jesus.

We believe that when God grabs hold of a young person’s life, they have the potential to change the world. We call these young people our Newday Heroes.

Simply put, these Newday Heroes are our future. The next generation of leaders, taking the message of Jesus to the world: fathers, mothers, church planters, artists, entrepreneurs, teachers…policy shapers, movement makers, and courageous life givers.


Newday Worship has the privilege of seeing God do some incredible things in young people’s lives over the years: decisions to follow Christ, physical healings, deep hurts healed, questions answered, situations transformed, and lives equipped to live fully for Him.

Imagine what can happen when a generation of young people find their purpose in God and become an integral part of something bigger. A generation equipped and a nation transformed.

That’s why we want you to be a part of Newday. Together let’s rise up, take courage and do it.

Newday 2017 takes place from Monday 31 July – Saturday 5 August (delegates leave on Sunday 6 August) at the Norfolk Showground near Norwich in the UK.

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