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ØM-53 is the Retrowave Pop band from New Jersey that with their Stranger Things-like sounds and faith based lyrics, are touching the hearts of people worldwide. Their nostalgic 80’s inspired sound immediately transports the listener to a night at the arcade with songs like Defender, Runaways, Seasons, and Hands Up, the band made a statement that their sound is here to stay. With over 800k streams in over 75 countries, the band has been able to build a solid worldwide fanbase ready to see them perform in 2020.
ØM-53 Is Vocalist & Producer Cris Araya, Synth & Bassist Mike Rosa, Guitarist Richie Nobrega, And Drummer Scott Nash Alongside Vocalist Mariah Grajales, Bryan Miranda And Producer Ivan Alfaro.The group has performed at venues across the east coast and Tennessee, youth conferences and has opened for Grammy nominated singer Jaci

In 2018 Cris and Scott took a road trip to Nashville, Tennessee where they met the COO of  Warner Music Group and connected with Palisades, an American post-hardcore band from Iselin, New Jersey whom then inspired Cris to believe that they were capable of doing music more than just at the church. On this road trip Scott introduced to Cris synth-wave bands like Timecop 1983, FM-84, The Midnight, amongst others and as they listened they both felt there was a need for faith-based bands in the synth-wave scene. After that road trip they named the band ØM-53 and recorded and released their first single “Seasons” officially as a synth-wave band. Soon after they wrote what would become a 9-song album with songs like Seasons, Defender, Set My Heart, Hands Up, P63, Scars and more.
In October of 2018 Artist and producer Chris Howland discovered the group on Instagram and advised the band to not release the album but instead release monthly singles to create a fan base and have time to brand the project. In early 2019 ØM-53 began releasing singles once a month and were picked up by official Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday, Sing a New Song, Pop For Life, and Indie Spirit. The band closed 2019 with over 600k streams and listeners in at least 75 countries worldwide. As ØM-53 continues to spread their smooth 80s pop sound,  the group remains true to their roots with their faith filled lyrics leaving their listeners challenged, encouraged and inspired to grow in their walk and journey with God.

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