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ASR Music News. Sada K.

From a young age, Sada K. has always had a heart for the people. Her compassion has led her on a journey of creating a soundtrack to uplift and give hope to those who need it most. She’s no stranger to heartache and victory and she’s focused on a mission to create a sound all her own being transparent, honest and the voice for people who feel forgotten and overlooked. 

The RMG Amplify team heard Sada K.’s heart and passion and they’ve teamed up for something special. As the newest member of RMG Amplify she’s been given the freedom to stay in the lane she’s worked so hard to create to deliver some inspiration for the soul. Because she’s faced several obstacles with balancing family life and her music, she finds it refreshing to work with RMG’s Doc Watson. They first connected on Twitter, then met over Grammy weekend last year. Doc came to the studio where Sada had her husband and her infant son and Doc wasn’t fazed, but inspired by her family life. Sada drew a lot of encouragement from the experience.

“They thought it was really cool, me as a woman pursuing my dreams and passions and bringing my family along,” she says. “They get me.”



“Sada K. is very talented and works really hard on her craft,” Doc shares. “She is an incredible artist. What really left an impression on me about Sada is her dedication to her family. Her story is so great and inspiring and really moved me when I met her in LA during the Grammys. It was definitely a moment for me while I was there.”

It is an honor and privilege for Sada to be the first woman represented by RMG. She hopes to encourage other women to live in their purpose. Doc expresses the same sentiment as one of his goals for RMG has been to be intentional about supporting and uplifting women in the music industry.

Along with the announcement of joining RMG Amplify, Sada is preparing the release of her song “Ready.” The bluesy track shares Sada’s personal story of stepping into her future. Sada has been making music for several years and was a member of the group Press Play, before she decided to pursue a solo career and released 2015’s Long Story Short. With 11 years of hustle in the game, her new song is the perfect anthem to reach people exactly where they’re at.

“I’m working so hard, I’m just ready for God to open doors for me,” she shares. “I’m just ready for that breakthrough. I’ve been praying, saying, ‘God, I’m ready whenever you are.’



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