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ASR Music News. Transform DJ’s.

Transform is an American EDM-Pop act consisting of Jonathan Burgess and Tim Heil, along with their wives, Angela Burgess and Lorna Heil.

Using a red brick warehouse in Denver, Colorado as their venue, Transform (known for producing positive, drug-free warehouse parties for people in the underground rave/club scene) was unashamedly sharing the love of Jesus! Young people, who would have never stepped into a church, heard about or experienced the saving grace of Jesus. Subsequently, through repeated and successful performances at various music festivals throughout America, the UK and Europe, Transform emerged as a Pop influenced, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) band (act). With their endless energy, voices for justice, and hearts for worship, they fill the atmosphere with sounds that combine various genres, from house, to rap infused pop songs, to melodic trance anthems. Today, Transform continues to reach a culture practically untouched by the church by using their music and performance as a platform to inspire life— eternal life, preborn life, and a love for life with a relationship with an all powerful loving Savior.

Transform’s mission is to share the Good News of Jesus with over 1 million people through Holy Spirit-led performances, defend pre-born life and other defenseless people worldwide, and lead God’s people into worship.

Their debut single, “I See You Moving”, received international recognition and DJ play.  Shortly after, they had the privilege of remixing Andy Hunter’s song, “Rise Up”. In 2016 Transform released their first full-length album entitled “Never Alone” charting 6 songs on Beatport Charts, peaking at #2 with international radio play.  “Never Alone” is a true album experience, containing 17 multi genre Worship & Pop/EDM tracks that share a message of salvation and hope aimed to please the current generation! In 2018 anticipation continues to grow as Transform releases their newest Pop/EDM anthem, “Wildfire!”

Transform has played at Heavenfest, Creation, Ichthus, SonShine, Rock The Desert, Lifelight, Ignight, Maata Näkyvissä Festival (Finland), EO Beam (NL), Lumination (Guatamala), Rock Without Limits (DE), Festicert (Belgium), Youth Alive (Scotland), Creation UK, The March For Life main stage (D.C.)  and many more including shows in South Africa, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Estonia and an opening performance for Switchfoot at the world renowned Red Rocks Amphitheatre!

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