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ASR Music News. Marz Ferrer.

Waiting is my first original song released since my EP Blur. This song is about loving someone who feels unworthy of that love. – Marz Ferrer

Marz is an experimental alternative artist with a Hip-Hop inspired sound. Born and raised in the Bronx, she was part of a musically diverse family.  Her father was part of a Doo Wop group and her mother sang back up for several artists in the Christian music industry.

As a young girl she began to take piano lessons which introduced her to the world of songwriting.   At the age of 18, Marz relocated to Charlotte, NC to attend college.  It was during this time that music truly became a passion of hers and she was strongly influenced by her mentor Aswan North (of the band PaperTongues). She began to expand her vocal capacity and hone her song writing skills.  It was during her time in NC she developed a dream to be a part of a musical revolution centered around her culture, worldview and passion for art.


Marz has since relocated back to NYC and With the help of producers Gabe Ramirez, Mic O., Manny Ferrer & Chris Morgan, Marz has developed a uniquely diverse sound that incorporates several genres of music.  Booming 808’s, obscure samples, and atmospheric pads create the backdrop in which her subtle yet powerful voice shines.  With her captivating sultry voice, she invites her listeners into a world that speaks of love, truth, and faith.  Her writing is often described as “poetically transparent” and her sincerity often pierces the heart of her listeners. Marz desires to create music that will connect with her listeners and to ultimately point to something more than self.  With each haunting song she seeks to bring hope to a world which lacks sincerity and that is starving for authenticity.


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