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ASR News. Louisville.

by Kyle Ziemnick
Posted 9/25/20, 05:55 pm

Police arrested Kentucky state Rep. Attica Scott, a Democrat, on charges including felony first-degree rioting on Thursday. Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer on Friday warned peaceful protesters could face legal action as well: “If you’re in a group where disruptive and violent behavior is happening, you need to separate from that group, or you will be subject to arrest.” Authorities in Louisville detained more than 100 protesters on Wednesday and 24 more on Thursday night. On Wednesday, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced one of three officers involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor during a drug raid on March 13 would face charges for firing shots that went into neighboring apartments, not for killing Taylor.

Have the officers involved in Taylor’s shooting said more? Counsel for Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, the officer whom Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, shot during the raid, released a video on Friday showing other police officers escorting an injured Mattingly back to their car. Police initially arrested Walker but later dropped the case against him. He said he shot in self-defense thinking someone—possibly Taylor’s ex-boyfriend—was breaking into the apartment.

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