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ASR News. The Elida

NORTHERN ISRAELI COAST – For years, ships have set sail from Europe to condemn the Jewish state, frequently under the guise of breaking Israel’s naval blockade of the Gaza Strip. But as CBN News reports, one ship came recently not to confront the Jewish people but to love them.

As this more than 100-foot vessel sailed into the Herzliya harbor, dozens of other ships, boats and even windsurfers came out to greet her.

Coming to greet Elida at the Herzliya harbor

“I saw this whole fleet coming toward us from Herzliya,” Karin Nytomt told CBN News. “I thought how many are there going to be – and I thought maybe two, four, five  – and in the end we were surrounded by all these small and large ships. I had to literally pinch myself. What are we a part of?”

Nytomt serves as the yacht’s media and public relations representative. The Elida, she explained, set sail from Sweden to Israel for two reasons.

“We want to show solidarity with two groups: First of all is the Christian minorities in the Middle East that are about to go extinct … So we are trying with this sail to raise our voice to say ‘listen to them and to those who are left. This is the cradle of Christianity itself, and Christians are almost going extinct because they are killed for their faith,'” she said.


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