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ASR On Demand. ASR On DTLR

Every Sunday Morning from 11a-1p EST via the New Apostles, @dtlrradio + @dtlrlifestyle stores nationwide, with Derriqmaq presents Christ Culture in a way that reaches many who wouldn’t normally find their way into a church service! We share our faith, civic activism + passion for conversations that lead to a more excellent life!

This weekend, connect with Team ASR to hear BRAND NEW JAMS featuring @taydaprince_ and @johnlegend #LoveOneAnother

This edition of ASR with DMAQ also includes theQ, the ASR Music News featuring The Young Escape, DMAQs Book Raq spotlighting Sam Rodriguez, a new RepTheVote 2020 Update and news about the a7 List!


All Saints Radio with Derriqmaq. It’s Music With A Higher Calling.

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