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ASR V2 via Digital 316


Connect with me from Inside the Digital 3:16 Studio! The mission of with Derriqmaq is to present Christ Culture in a way that reaches many who wouldn’t normally find their way into a church service! We share our faith, civic activism + passion for conversations that lead to a more excellent life!

Featuring BRAND NEW JAMS from @forkingandcountry, @lucygrimble, ASR faves @jordanfeliz+ @tobymac and @crowder+ @mandisa PLUS! ASR INTERNATIONAL hits from @limoblaze_+ @datruthonduty and @genessisandnikki!

As always stay connected for the ASR Music News, theQ and DMAQs Book Raq plus the 411 from sources around the planet!

All Saints Radio V2 with Derriqmaq. It’s Music With A Higher Calling.

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