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ASR On DEMAND. HR 1. 6.3.2018

This edition of All Saints Radio w Derriqmaq originates from Inside the PUMA Studio. Presenting the Great Commission of Jesus Christ through Contemporary Christian, Hip Hop, EDM and Social Media culture (Matthew 28:18-20). #AllSaintsRadio.

This weekend on All Saints Radio with Derriqmaq on DTLR Lifestyle, I’m dialing up Atlanta, Georgia for a conversation with 2.0 of TnT about where Jesus is finding him in his Faith Walk + the process of making LION OR LAMB with Monolouge + Luke G.

DOWNLOAD Lion Or Lamb from 2.0 ft Monolog + Luke G.

If you’re in the ATL, stop by a DTLR store near you! The crew will be happy to see ya! Feel free to post photos from inside your favorite DTLR location!

SUN 11a-1p EST. +

It is my hope to inspire you to pursue God’s plan for your life. Connect you with music, info and faith based discussion. ASR On DTLR Radio from Inside The PUMA Studio. All Saints Radio. Music With A Higher Calling!

Derriqmaq. All Saints Radio | the New Apostles

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