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ASR On DTLR HR2. 8.19.2018

In this edition of All Saints Radio with Derriqmaq on DTLR Radio, check out the ASR Interview & ASR F1RST LISTEN from GAWVI! We talk about the artist behind the design for Fight For Me, PLUS what it’s like a year later to be an internationally recognized artist + and how he teamed up with Lecrae for the first time in his solo career!


Wherever the location or peoples or church, know within that God Almighty has a journey for you to take an active role in! Feel free to share posts, discussions and testimonies of the power of Christ working in your life. Rock On Saints!
ASR with Derriqmaq on DTLR Radio from Inside The PUMA Studio. All Saints Radio. Music With A Higher Calling!

Rock On Saints!
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