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ASR Xtra. Essential EDM.

This is the official All Saints Radio Xtra Broadcast. Hosted by Derriqmaq of the New Apostles. If you’re all about that EDM, then the ASR Xtra is for you…stay connected for new episodes + be sure to share your Q’s and comments via the ASR Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media feeds!

We pursue the teachings of Jesus Christ based on the Great Commission (Matthew 28 v 18-20). It is our hope to inspire you to pursue God’s plan for your life. Connecting you with music, info and faith based discussion.

Introducing the All Saints Xtra. Essential EDM. Curated by Derriqmaq Of the New Apostles. #ASX

Featuring: Amy Grant, Capital Kings, Blanca, Sweedish Revolution+Matthew Parker, Beckah Shae, David Thulin, Waken

Wherever the location or peoples or church, know within that God Almighty has a plan for you to take an active role in! Feel Free to share posts, discussions and testimonies of the power of Christ working in your life. Enjoy V1 of ASX and WHATEVER you do…Rock On Saints!

*Original air date 8.17.2016

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