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Derriqmaq’s Top 5ive DADS in Biblical History 2016.

#‎AllSaintsRadio – It’s Pops Day 2016! And in honor of it I’m presenting the 2016 edition of Derriqmaqs Top 5ive Dads in Biblical History! Who makes YOUR #‎Top5iveDads list? Check it out:

5. THE APOSTLE PAUL – Although he never married or had children of his own, he became the ULTIMTE mentor to a great number of young believers including his most remembered apprentice, Timothy.

4. CALEB – You can read his story in the book of Judges. What makes him Top 5ive is his strong example of how important it is for a father to impart great esteem and confidence in his children. That’s what Caleb was all about. Nice work Caleb!

3. JACOB – God established His covenant with us through Jacob. Talk about Dad Power…His sons became the 12 Tribes of ISRAEL. In fact, the nation of Israel is named after Jacob! Jacob’s story teaches us how an imperfect person can be greatly blessed by God–not because of who he or she is, but because of who God is.

2. ABRAHAM – WOW. Where to start. God Almighty added an H to Abram’s name and through him blessed all the families on Earth. And then there’s the stories about Abraham, Sarah and Isaac in the Book of Genesis that are simply MIND BLOWING.

1. GOD ALMIGHTY. Did you have any doubt I was going there? BTW, there’s an impressive book I recommend everyone reads to get an in depth look into the history of God as a Father including the Greatest Story of a father’s love for His son. John 3 v16-17 are the single most important words in the history of Planet Earth. And THAT description of of GOD the Father including the 900+ descriptions of who He is make the great I AM the undisputed Greatest Dad Of All Time. #Top5iveDads

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