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365 Ways to Put Jesus First.

By Doug Bender

Athletes and actors, models and musicians, pastors and politicians … many have stepped forward, looked in the camera, and proclaimed, “I am second.” But most in the I Am Second movement are not celebrities. They are ordinary people—and they’ve come to the simple realization that when God comes first in their lives, everything makes sense.

But living second is not easy. It takes grit and humility, submission to God’s will, a willingness to listen and serve, an openness to God’s healing and call.

Live Second is a daily guide to help you. With 365 readings, prayers, actions steps, and an invitation to join other Christ-followers online, what you hold in your hands is a tool built with truth, scripture, and a sure path to put Jesus first every day.

The Christian life is not meant to be easy, just worth it. Live Second is exactly what you need as you become the new, inspired, God-honoring creation he made you to be.


This book is for anyone looking to discover meaning in life, your mission on this planet, or the cure to life’s difficulties. You do not need to believe in Jesus to start this journey, but I think you will be challenged by his message before you trek too far. I believe the power of his love, the vastness of his forgiveness, and the strength of his presence will inspire you to rethink your relationship with God.

Wherever you are, let this book take you one step further in your journey with God. I believe and hope this book will be more than a daily reading, that it will be a guidebook for travelers, a handbook for seekers, and a motivational manual for the uninspired. This book may not always soothe your soul, but I think it will always insire your reflection and challenge your daily routine.

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