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Edenville. Where’s Your Tree?

How we tell our stories maps the vast terrain of expression in our quest for sustainable art practices. My interdisciplinary work and practices are shaped and informed by the creative, in partnership with cultural inquiry, race/gender and social identities, through divergent storytelling styles.

Art, education, social justice, identity, nature, and mindfulness techniques are my essential ingredients. Like many of you, over the years, I have been both seduced and liberated by an explosive list of issues that compete for my attention and advocacy. 

In response to these calls, Pamela Booker approaches her creative work as a form of “artivism,” which grapples with how to produce adaptable, functional and useful outcomes.

Pamela’s practices are interdisciplinary testimonials informed by culture, media, theater and literary arts, and urban farming/food justice advocacy. Art and nature are privileged as powerful instruments on behalf of communities who are of color, female-identified—and others, for whom the world is not wholly convinced of their worth. She’s inspired by generative connections and spontaneous ideas in the belief that everyday life, however designed, should be seen as both ordering and just. When applied imaginatively, we learn to be brave.

Where’s Your Tree? originates from a commencement address presented at Goddard College, as an instructive metaphor to graduates on nurturing their outrage, genius, and conviction. While a Visiting Artist/Scholar, Pamela expanded her original rhetorical question to include prioritizing self-care as our most radical and loving act. This experience, in turn, launched the Where’s Your Tree? Podcast series and underpins the evolving project Eco-Mediations, Roots, & Radical Rejuvenation, Gather in the Company of Trees.

In her experience, social justice partnered with creative investigation requires that we be prepared to reframe our learning methods and instruments of change. Pamela draws on these beliefs via writing classes at Montclair State University, New York University, and as former Core Faculty at Goddard College. 

From her students, she’s learned to affirm the rapturous, ah-ha! moments that emerge from acts of accountability and kindness.  




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