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Give. Acts Of Random Kindness.

The All Saints Radio episodes, ASR On Demand, website, advertising,  and other items are all made possible by the general financial support of those who identify with the New Apostles movement. College students. Business executives. Stay-at-home moms. Grandparents. Family Foundations. Businesses. And people like you and me make all the tools for the movement possible.

All Saints Radio is a donation-supported initiative powered by the New Apostles Ministry. The ability to share the message is determined by the love and support of friends + belivers like you. Support the movement and change lives through the All Saints Radio  and ULTIMATELY our hope in Jesus Christ. Please consider a tax-deductible gift today to help continue sharing the music and stories of the lives He has changed.

What could you give to continue changing lives?  CLICK THE ICON . Donate to the movement:


Every donation allows us to continue our mission of the Great Commission which is presenting Christ’s message that is true, powerful, redemptive, courageous, and vital! We commit to steward your trust and generosity, as we extend the reach of the message of hope through Christ Jesus. Thank you for your partnership!

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