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Mama Ria. Spring Cleaning.

Ahhhh! After a CRAZY winter, spring has truly arrived, the birds are chirping, the sun is out and the whole atmosphere in and out of the house has shifted into a new season! Music, hair pulled up and caffeine in my system! I am ready to tear the house up and get my spring cleaning on!

Four hours later…….the sugar and caffeine rush is way gone, your hair’s a mess, you’re hungry and your sweaty. Worst part is you look around and  the whole place is in worse condition than when you started!!! Like the day you moved in and nothing was in place…….Lord help me…

In the middle of this you find a way to focus and remember that you live here, if you don’t do it no one else will and what you started must be finished. There are dirty places in corners you didn’t know existed because with a glance of an eye it didn’t look dirty and you had to move some things around to find it. You know several people that need some things that you never even used or knew you had. You can be a blessing to them!

So you press on until that moment when you can sit back,look around and feel accomplished. You can see the smile on people’s faces when they didn’t even know how they were gonna get what they needed and God made a way through you. Things are clean, smelling good and rearranged. Same furniture and a few things but moved around in a way that compliments where you are in life now. A different perspective.

Now let’s transition together…..somehow some way….. insert your situation here_____________ got you in an uncomfortable place. That place where you know you can’t live like this anymore. You have to make a decision and do something about it now. You may not quite have a full understanding yet and some of you know exactly what it is. Your season is changing and some dirty places in your life have been exposed to you that need cleaned up. When you accept this and surrender to God your will for His, the cleaning process begins. Purging, breaking, pruning and refining. You will  look around and everything will seem to look and feel worse. But be encouraged and press your way thru! Focus and remember God gifted you with life and if you don’t do the work, no one else can do it for you. Keep your eyes on Jesus the son of God shining on you because in the end you will be able to be used when you make it through to bless someone else by giving them wisdom, knowledge , understanding, love and compassion you never knew you could have . You can help them through when they didn’t know how they were gonna make it.

You will still look like you but the things that had to go are gone and you can look at your life with a new perspective……until your next season and elevation that is….. So sit back and give Him the honor, glory and praise for what He has done!

Philippians 1:6

6 And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.

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