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the New Apostles. GAWVI x Charity Water

With the release of his official music video for “In The Water” today, GAWVI launches a fundraising campaign with charity : water,  a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

“I’m excited to help fundraise for charity : water with my new video release. I’ve always felt that we were created for so much more,” says GAWVI passionately. “In order for us to live that out, having clean water allows for a decrease with health issues, provides a way for healthy eating and keeping our bodies strong in order for us to live out our full potential.”

To donate and to find out more information about charity : water, please visit .

Born to an El Salvadorian father and a Dominican mother, GAWVI’s parents instilled in him a sense of boldness from a young age. A first generation American, they taught him to live by faith and to use that faith to power his dreams. Naturally, they also introduced him to bachata and other Latin-Caribbean rhythms that helped form his musical palette early on. “Me and my sister would clean the house for hours listening to Selena, Juan Luis Guerra, all that,” GAWVI says. “It just became a part of us.” Throughout his late teens and early 20’s, GAWVI grew increasingly passionate about his heritage and felt he’d one day serve as a voice and source of inspiration for Latino youth and immigrants everywhere. “I just want to be a vessel, man,” he says, “one that pushes for change but encourages people to be who they are. Learning to be yourself, no matter where you come from, is the most liberating thing you can do.”

Fast forward a few short years and not even GAWVI could have predicted the overwhelming response his music would receive. Always remaining true to himself and his love for the creative process, GAWVI has given fans behind the scenes access through his “GAWVI Get ‘Em” Vlog series and offered producers sound kits designed and EQ’d by him. The highlight of GAWVI’s career has without question been his hefty contribution to Lecrae’s Anomaly, which made history by debuting at #1 on the Billboard 200. “I’m amazed at everything that has happened up to this point,” GAWVI confesses. “I feel like I’m just getting started.”

After years of maneuvering behind the scenes and masterminding a host of albums and Billboard charting singles, GAWVI is set to venture out as a solo artist. Energized by his travels and his experiences as a husband and new father, he’s ready to add to his story via a batch of genre-defying material. “I’m excited to share this new music with the world,” he says. “My first solo album is going to be like nothing we’ve ever released under the Reach imprint. We’re about to really surprise people.” GAWVI is embracing the moment while also looking toward tomorrow. “The future is now,” he says as someone calls to him from backstage. Indeed, the future is now.

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