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The ASRI: Lauren Bea.

Spend five minutes with Lauren Béa (pronounced Bay – ah), and you’ll find her to be strong, beautiful, kind and capable. Yet, the woman she is today is the culmination of a lifetime of learning how to love herself. And now on her debut album, Wildflower, she’s spreading a message of empowerment for young girls and women that can be claimed everywhere. After all, she’s walked in their shoes. She knows what it’s like to feel unloved; but now, standing on the other side of her self-doubt, she knows what it’s like to feel free.

Wildflower is indeed a testament to the current identity she’s found in Christ; but it hasn’t come easy or quickly. Although Béa always harbored musical aspirations, she majored in speech pathology at the University of Texas—the place where her faith became personal and the place where she met her husband. Following in the footsteps of some of her childhood idols, she initially thought pop music was her destiny. Yet, a series of bad experiences in mainstream music left her jaded and disillusioned, and she vowed to never sing again.

It wasn’t until three years later, when she and her husband were attending a Christian conference, that God changed her perspective in regard to her calling. “We decided to get baptized together as a married couple,” Béa shares, “and literally when I came out of the water, I had this moment where God spoke to me. He said, ‘I want you to do music again.’”

That sparked a fresh season of writing for Béa, and what came out were God-breathed lyrics and melodies surrounding a blend of worship music, inspirational pop and real-life storytelling. Slowly, she began to realize she had something unique to say, especially as a biracial woman who grew up feeling like she never quite belonged.

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