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Establishing a Godly Foundation

January 25, 2018

John Quintanilla & Joe Cleary

 Today’s trend is that Christianity in America as a religion is declining from generation to generation. The highest percentage of Christians are still Baby Boomers, then Generation X and then Millennials. The age variable is always debatable with this type of statistic because basic religion statistics explain that people do not find a need for God until they are older. Ultimately less and less people are declaring Christianity or any other form of religion as their faith, instead they prefer to not believe in any form of religion which encourages their desire to be a God.

Why is there a decline in people having faith in God? The millennial generation accepts everything and anything as truth, if someone says they are a woman but are genetically a man they are accepted as a woman. If a couple decides to live together and enjoy the pleasures of sex without being married, which is acceptable even to Christians. Absolute truths that used to be forbidden are now acceptable and when this “accept all and everything” attitude is coupled with an unconvicting, unauthentic Christian message the result is the current trend of a declining faith in Christianity.

In addition, Christianity has denominations of faith in Jesus, such as Lutheran, Pentecostals, Baptist, Methodist, which are all part of the body that makes up Christianity but yet struggle to unite under the same truth. Jesus’ prayer in John 17:22-23 says “I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one – I in them and you in me – so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.” If we were to unity and simplify the approach for the church of Christ we are all required to meet the expectations of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20), follow the Greatest Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40) and engage with the approach given by Jesus (John 14:6). Instead the division and confusion is highlighted when church leaders separate to develop their own mission statement and vision description for a non-profit organization which they call their church and then encourage people to connect and be a part of their family. However the fundamental truth is Jesus provided the mission statement, demonstrated the vision of what he expects for HIS church then instructed everyone to actively participate (Acts 2: 42-47). /react-text

Amplifying this problem of a misguided foundation are parents that constantly coach children to believe they are in control of their future. Providing self-help books and encouraging them to discover who they want to be, rather than praying to God for HIS will in their life. We tell them find a role model without considering the consequences of them idolizing Adolf Hitler, Marilyn Manson, Kanye West, Beyoncé, or Halsey. We expect them to find purpose without pointing them to God’s Word for those answers. We set them up to be the god of their own life, set goals, push them to create their own destiny and achieve success which is never measured the same from one person to the next. Finally, those of us Baby Boomer and Generation X parents have mistakenly created a generation that sits in church, listens to a preacher, is a good person, and gives money when they can but rarely challenge them with truth; usually because we fear they may reject Christianity all together if they knew God is a jealous God and only wants us for himself. That no parent or child should ever come between our commitment to Jesus (Matthew 10:37-39). /react-text

Here is my challenge, 4 fundamentals to discuss with our children! 

1. The origin of man, CREATION! Explain creation, the fall of man, God’s wrath, Noah’s hope and all the way through to today. Learn to debunk the lies of the Big Bang Theory and Evolution Theory. (A video called “Is Genesis History?” made in 2017 is a great film to help with this discussion) /react-text


2. What is the meaning of life? (Recommend studying Romans 12:1-5, Mark 12:30-31, and Matthew 28:16-20)


3. What is absolute truth? (The accounts of the birth of Jesus from a virgin named Mary, Jesus miracles and teachings, the crucifixion of the innocent Jesus, the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies through Jesus, the resurrection of Jesus and Paul’s 13 letters to the New Testament Church.)


4. Our destiny as citizens in Heaven. (The spirit man Genesis 1:27, the distinction between spirit and soul Genesis 2:7, new creation in Jesus 2 Corinthians 5:17, and citizenship in Heaven Philippians 3:20)



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