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The New Apostles. Get Over It.


One of the greatest tragedies taking place in the apostolic movement today is the forfeiting of the mandate to be patient, gentle, and full of affection for those God has called apostles to minister to AND do life with. That’s correct, Paul did not just preach to people, but he opened up his heart and life to them through vulnerability, relationship, and transparency. (1 Thess 2:8)

I constantly hear “apostles” say and even boast about how they aren’t called to “babysit”, they don’t have time for “hurting and broken people”, no one understands their “deep revelations”, they leave regions because they aren’t “celebrated”, they aren’t called to be “pastors”, this church just needs “revival”, and the list goes on and on.

Have we forgotten the example of Paul the Apostle?

He writes to the church at Philippi and says, “I LONG for you all with the AFFECTION of Christ Jesus…It is right for me to feel this way because I have you in MY HEART”… (Phil 1:7-8)

He writes to the church at Thessalonica and says, “But we proved to be GENTLE and PATIENT among you, as a NURSING MOTHER TENDERLY cares for her OWN CHILDREN. We have FOND AFFECTION for you…” (1 Thess 2:7-8)

Where are the apostles who are gentle, patient, and full of fond affection for the saints? Maybe all our “apostles” who blow in and out of cities and have hundreds of “sons and daughters” that they don’t even have real relationship with need to re-evaluate their calling or get over themselves. Some “apostles” are known to walk in a room and everyone goes silent for fear of what they might say. Some “apostles” are known as totally unapproachable and inaccessible to the public. Some “apostles” demand to be treated like Hollywood celebrities. This behavior and these mindsets should not surround true called apostles walking in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Yes, apostles carry authority, but Paul the Apostle told the Corinthians that God gave him authority for, “BUILDING you up and not for DESTROYING you”. (2 Cor 10:8)

Yes, apostles desire to mature the saints but Paul the Apostle, “was again in TRAVAIL and pains of CHILDBIRTH until Christ was formed” in the Galatian believers. (Gal 4:19) Talk about a commitment to discipleship!

I’m sounding the alarm in the body of Christ and warning the saints of so called “apostles” who boast in and are known as impatient, harsh, rude, non-relational, inaccessible, not full of fond affection for saints, and constantly excuse their lifestyle and behavior with “I’m not a pastor” and so on. What if true apostleship requires more patience, humility, and fond affection for saints than even being called as a “pastor?”

I believe true apostolic fatherhood will be restored to this generation- apostolic fathers who are patient with the weak, gentle to those who they minister to, and full of fond affection for sons and daughters. They will be accessible, vulnerable, and highly relational. AND MOST OF THEM WILL NOT BE WELL KNOWN! May a generation hungry for fathering and mothering stop searching for and intentionally trying to connect with well known names with platforms and understand that most true apostles who are over themselves don’t have huge followings and platforms.

With urgency,

Jeremiah Johnson

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