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the New Apostles. World Vision

On Aug. 4, 2020 a catastrophic explosion in Lebanon’s capital tore through several downtown neighborhoods, killing more than 100 people, wounding thousands and leaving as many as 300,000 homeless. 

This disaster could not come at a worse time, says World Vision’s national director in Lebanon, Hans Bederski. “Lebanon is in the middle of an economic crisis and has also seen the rate of COVID-19 infections drastically increase over the past few weeks.”

Our Response

World Vision teams are on the ground assesing the needs of the most vulnerable children. Initially, we plan to reach 120,000 people by providing:

  • Temporary shelter to families whose homes have been damaged
  • Food, hygiene and household supplies for families who are now homeless or staying in shelters
  • Psychological First Aid to help children and families affected by the explosion

World Vision has been working in Lebanon since the onset of the civil war in Lebanon in 1975 and continues to assist Lebanese families in addition to refugee communities through emergency relief, development projects, as well as advocacy.

World Vision believes that the best way to improve children’s lives is through child-focused development. We work with communities and children through a range of programmes that promote change and improve their well-being. World Vision’s development work aims to ensure that children:

Enjoy Good Health

World Vision strives to ensure mothers have access to information and expertise related to nutrition, reproductive health and childhood illnesses so they can make choices that protect their health and the health of their children. World Vision also promotes healthy lifestyles for youth and equitable access to healthcare services

Are Educated For Life

World Vision in Lebanon partners with the ministry of education, parents, teachers and children to improve the quality of education so that children and youth have the skills and knowledge they need for the best chance for a bright future.

Experience the Love of God and Their Neighbours

World Vision promotes positive relationships in communities by addressing the causes of conflict and the grievances of the past, in order to promote long-term stability and justice.

Are Cared for, Protected and Participating

World Vision works to empower communities to know and to speak up for their rights, and to equip children to participate actively in decisions that affect them. We work with communities to promote child rights and protect children from violence manifested in various forms, such as exploitation, abuse and child trafficking.

World Vision strives to reduce the impact of emergencies on people’s lives by responding to urgent humanitarian needs and by helping communities survive, recover, prevent and prepare for future emergencies.

World Vision believes improving job opportunities for parents enables them to better meet the needs of their children. World Vision strives to boost the capacity of small- and medium-sized businesses to provide liveable incomes for parents.


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