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The Puerto Rico Update.

What’s Good ASR Family! The crisis in Puerto Rico continues. I’m passionate about supporting + asking you for your help in lending your influence as well as resources to giving aid to the beautiful people of Puerto Rico! I am proud to share The Puerto Rico Update including the latest news and info from Tarisse Iriarte who is on the ground and on the move doing all she can to give a vivid account of what’s truly happening on the island.

Here are a few important articles to get you up to speed with current events in Puerto Rico. Stay connected to recieve the audio from Tarisse during the ASR Interview with Derriqmaq on DTLR Radio powered by DTLR|Villa :

Trump Admin cuts Food Stamp programs in Puerto Rico

Vieques Hospital Closing

Monsanto/Bayer poisoning our people on the island with Cancer Causing pesticide. *Please watch entire video:

Privatization of Public Schools and Utility Companies

The fight against the Illegal debt crisis in Puerto Rico

Disaster Capitalism in Puerto Rico

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