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Welcome to the new!


Welcome to the new! Powered by All Saints Radio!

Team ASR is proud to create a space that presents the Gospel from a perspective that is influenced by believers worldwide. We look through the lenses of music, current events, fashion, sports and above all the Good News of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.

Some of the features we’ve included are episodes of  ASR airing across a number of our affiliated networks including DTLR Radio, the Rejoice Musical Soulfood Network and the Uforia Lounge, a division of Univision Broadcasting.

In the New Apostles section, I’ll be sharing my thoughts about a variety of topics that have caught my attention. The Book Of DMAQ is the journal of my faith as it happens in the 21st century. In the weeks ahead, be sure to check out the Breaking Bread devotional series, designed to increase your faith during these most interesting of times.

Rounding out are The Edenville News, SneakerBoogie, Shop SGX and the ASR Contest+Events sections. These are the places to keep up with current events and sports commentaries, the freshest gear this side of Heaven and current contests available from All Saints Radio!

Wherever the location or peoples or church, know within that God Almighty has a ministry for you to take an active role in. All Saints Radio is for all who believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Feel Free to share posts, discussions and testimonies of the power of Christ working in your life.

 It is my sincere hope that what you discover on our website will inspire you to do more and be more in your journey through this grand adventure called life! Welcome to the new Powered by All Saints Radio. Music With A Higher Calling…

– Derriqmaq | All Saints Radio | the New Apostles

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