ASR Music News. Sada K.

From a young age, Sada K. has always had a heart for the people. Her compassion has led her on a journey of creating a soundtrack to uplift and give hope to those who need it most. She's no stranger to heartache and victory and she's focused on a mission

the a7 List. Lauren Bea

New music from Lauren Béa I wanted to write a song that empowered women. I wanted them to know they are beautiful exactly how they are and they don't have to try to be anything or anyone that they're not. Writing these elements down on paper, I looked out my window

The a7 List. Truthful Justice.

Husband. Wife. Father. Mother. Family. It’s everything this duo is about; God, the nucleus of everything that they do. Jacksonville, Florida natives Jason and Tori Peoples, have long awaited the day of opportunity to express the heart beat of their creativity through music. And now, the Studio Caffe presents the

The a7 List. Artist Info.

An unwavering vision combined with a commitment to excellence and an arsenal of exceptional talent continues to make All Saints Radio one of the new influencers in the music industry. The a7 List presents the world with an avenue to hear YOUR creative passion for music with a higher calling! We

The a7 List. Antonio Neal.

As a Grammy-nominated Producer, a 4-time Dove award winner, and a 4-time Stellar award nominated writer/producer, Antonio Neal has been inspiring listeners through his thoughtful approach in his music. Musically, Antonio paints on a canvass that can truly be called his own, from a palette of musical colors as vast

The a7 List. Shuree.

She’s a powerful singer, a talented songwriter, a tireless ministry partner, and an inspiring advocate for at-risk youth, but growing up in a broken home in Columbus, Ohio, Shuree’s future was anything but secure. Her young life was scarred by domestic violence and addiction among her family members, which led

The a7 List. GAWVI: Lost In Hue + Holding Hue

Sitting at the keys in a theater in downtown Miami, GAWVI, the producer, DJ, and Dove Award winning songwriter crystallizes his reasons for doing creative work to just a few words: “My passion is to motivate and inspire, to urge people to tap into the potential inside them.” He’s playing

The a7 List . Myshel: Unstoppable

Myshel. A distinctive voice with lyrics that impart hope and encouragement to the listener. Myshel's experiences honed her artistry on a world stage filled with culture while traveling with her missionary father to several countries including her mother’s homeland of Ghana in West Africa. Their journeys not only deeply impacted Myshel’s appreciation

The a7 list. Jae Marie.

  “This is just the beginning,” proclaims Jae Marie about her long-awaited single Hallelujah. “It’s passionate, loving and a little rough around the edges, but it’s how I am and who I to aspire to be. In earlier years Jae Marie had BIG dreams of being a singer, songwriter, producer, actor, and dancer. At the

The a7 List. Seven Artists You Need To Know. May 2016

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