AD 2019.

Welcome to 2019 Saints! Here's our opportunity to created the best year of our lives... Each day, we will make a choice to Win The Day or settle for whatever limits others define our existence should be... God Almighty has given us ALL POWER to affect change in or families, our

The Book Of DMAQ. Plastic Jesus.

A street artist who goes by the name “Plastic Jesus” has unveiled a new piece that’s creating a bit of a stir: It depicts Kanye West as a giant gold Jesus being crucified. According to PJ, the “False Idol” piece—is meant to be commentary on pop culture’s worship of flawed

the New Apostles. Sababatical.

Sabbatical. A Modern Day Psalm by Derriqmaq. I break bread within myself to find silence…embracing my solitude…during my pilgrimage, these mustard seeds of Jehovah Jireh’s trees allow me to move mounds of earth with four major Philippians and one sixteenth verse… I generate life via the final breath of one who died

The Book Of DMAQ. Life Matters.

Grab some lemonade, this is gonna take a minute. When I began typing the follow up to the the #‎Dallas post, I was so sure that I had the words to properly express my perspective about race, politics and law enforcement in this country. Then THIS picture shows up in my

The Book Of DMAQ. Famous Last Words.

Famous Last Words * Of all things spoken during a lifetime, I never considered life scattered between star crossed lines in the sand... I have careened into the question-If these were my final lifelines, who would witness them now departing through gate seventeen? These syllables people desperately feel but rarely have the

The Book Of DMAQ. Nun + Yasidi.

#Nun - If there is such a thing as righteous anger, I believe this is an appropriate matter to exercise it. I have chose to post this even in the midst of an impending announcement that I am expecting to make in the very near future. With that said, this