5B. SBX Scuba.

SneakerBoogie (5B). We create custom kicks that change the world. Introducing the SneakerBoogie SBX Scuba. Inspired by all things Aquamarine. Help save Coral Reefs and endangered sea species with the purchase of these customs! What’s Good! I’m Derriq Maq. Founder and CEO of SneakerBoogie! I’ve been a Sneaker Head since 1976.

5B. SBX Vinyl. For Those Who Like To Groove

With the launch of Sneaker Boogie, we have an opportunity to DO and BE more. From sharing our faith, supporting our favorite athletes, to saving the planet and ourselves. The SneakerBoogie Project (5B), is a socially conscious Custom Sneakers, Skateboard and Apparel ministry dedicated to creating fresh kicks and skate