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All Saints Radio | the New Apostles | The Eclipse Group

The New Apostles Media Group is fast becoming  one of the premier faith based talent management agencies in the world. Since its founding in 2013 by the creator of All Saints Radio, Derriqmaq  and NYC based Media + Marketing Expert Randy Thomas, All Saints Radio through partnership with The Eclipse Group is fast becoming an industry leader by providing full-spectrum management for faith based artists, writers, poets and public speakers.

The Eclipse Group maintains relationships with local management firms across the country, indentifying and developing the next generation of the artists and influencers who shape the world we live in. A+R scouting and development initiatives also extend into national searches produced in conjunction with strategic media partners utilizing the latest in information and social technologies. The distinctive professionalism and integrity of The Eclipse Group has allowed the New Apostles to emerge as a pioneer in the dynamic and ever-changing world of music and ministry.


As an extension of  All Saints Radio’s commitment to full-spectrum talent management, The New Apostles Media Group is passionately dedicated to developing brand identities of artists by securing placement in cause related campaigns, private brand licensing, endorsements, marketing opportunities, and tour sponsorships.


Randy Thomas
The Eclipse Group

PH: 917.979.3752

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