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So. I’m back from SXSW2016! It was an experience to remember! I have a whole new set of friends with amazing stories, new music to rock on the radio and renewed faith that God is STILL in control…in the coming days I’ll be sharing highlights of some of the sights and sounds from one of the most amazing music,film and interactive festivals in the nation! Big Ups Austin, Texas … in the meantime, Connect with me on this morning’s All Saints Radio on 98.5 The Beat! It’s #MusicWithAHigherCalling!


My calling doesn’t live or die by societal acceptance. I try my best to keep in mind that Jesus healed the sick, helped the poor, protected children and widows, educated and fed the masses, walked on water and EVEN brought the dead back to life. After all that, he was literally nailed to two planks of wood and left to suffocate to death. So, if he wasn’t afraid of the consequences of being who he was in the society he lived in, what do I have to fear? Lesson: The challenge of calling oneself a follower of Christ is to ACTUALLY BE ONE. #theNewApostles #SXSW2016


This Dude Right Here. Andy Mineo performs his latest during a live set at SXSW 2016! #UncomfortableTour — in Austin, Texas.


Derriqmaq + Tina B Poetry discuss her music + poetry at SXSW 2016. She’s one you need to know! I don’t think there’s enough space for me to share her AWESOMENESS so I’ll just send everyone HERE: Tina, you have a gift that inspires us all! I’m praying for your continued success Sista! #TeamASR #HeartSpeaks — in Austin, Texas.


These two need a TV show…Derriqmaq + T.S.O. at SXSW 2016. If you don’t know, you better ask somebody. New music is on the way! #TeamASR — in Austin, Texas.


Derriqmaq + GIEL talking about her journey with Christ and her new collection of songs at SXSW 2016! My faves so far are Forever, 130:5 HOPE, My Story and Adopted…I’m sure my list will get longer with each listen… #ASR1 #TheDecree — with Giel Branker in Austin, Texas.


Derriqmaq + Illuminate at @sxsw 2016. Can’t tell you how important this dude is to my family. Thank you for looking out for my Princess and know we will be praying for you and your music minisrty my Dude! #TeamASR #RespectDue #NorCal — in Austin, Texas.


Straight Outta the DFW! Derriqmaq + LaToria at SXSW 2016. I’m really impressed with LTA’s testimony as well as lyrical skills! If I were putting together a group of lyricists to work on an collection of new music, LaToria is on that list of writers I’m putting on Team DMAQ! PLUS, S/O to TJ Pompeo on that Constant track dude… #TeamASR #InsideGospelLive — in Austin, Texas.


This MC is FIRE. It was a pleasure to share a conversation with one of my favorite artists DZ about his faith and the making of the singles #Freedom and #YOU Stay connected to Team ASR to get an exclusive #ASRF1rstListen #SXSW2016 — in Austin, Texas.


One of the new sets of friends I met at SXSW 2016! I’m excited to share a conversation about The Fam Ministries! We talked about the challenges of creating music as a family, who’s got the best jokes, youth ministry and the importance of your journey with Christ through it all! It was truly a pleasure to share a conversation with The FAM! #TeamASR #GodIsAble — in Austin, Texas.

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