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SGX. Ladies FAITHOPELOVE t.shirt.

Show your support for Team ASR as we share our campaign to encourage Acts Of Random Kindness (#ARK) + push positivity around the planet!

Introducing the ladies ASR Limited Edition FaithHopeLove t.shirt from the Stained Glass Clothing Company. Designed to show the planet you’re all about the All SaintsRadio campaign encouraging everyone to practice Acts Of Random Kindness + positively influence our personal circles of influence.

Proceeds go to supporting organizations that tackle issues affecting the homeless + supporting organizations dedicated to stopping Human Trafficking. Thank you for your purchase as well as sharing the good news about All Saints Radio. Music With A Higher Calling!



All funds raised will go to  ASR LIVE | Acts Of Random Kindness (#ARK) events designed to raise awareness of Issues affecting the Homeless including the campaign to Stop Human Trafficking. 

All Saints Radio with Derriqmaq airs nationwide on these Team ASR affiliates! Check your local listings for broadcast times:

Inside DTLR Retail Stores
via the PUMA Studios on DTLR Radio:

On the Uforia Network:
KBBT FM 98.5 the Beat in San Antonio,TX

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