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100 Days Of Hope. Enter Into Joy.

by Andrew Lindquist. Communications Fellow, Dominican Republic.  Gifts, Talents, Trust, Joy.

“ His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’ Matthew 25:23 (ESV) In the Parable of the Talents, Jesus explains that the coming Kingdom will be like a man who has entrusted his servants with his property—each of His servants given different amounts according to their ability. Even though it was little, the two faithful servants invested what they were given and returned twice the amount to their master. At this He invited the servants to “enter into the joy of your master.” Often we are like the third servant, however, who in fear and laziness hid that which was entrusted to him. Instead of investing his talent and creating more value, he only gave back what was given to him and was called “worthless.” Praise the Lord our worth is found not in the amount or type of “talents” given to us, but instead in how we respond to that which God has entrusted us.


What a wonderful master we serve to entrust us with his possessions! Not only that, but when we demonstrate faithful obedience through his grace, he promises us much more. Find strength and empowerment today knowing that the Creator finds worth in you to entrust you with the gifts you have. Respond with the attitude of a faithful servant so that when the day comes you may hear the Master beckon you saying, “Enter into my joy.” Prayer: Lord, I praise you for the gifts you have entrusted to me. Help me to be a good steward of those gifts and use them to your glory. Thank you for the confidence I have to use these gifts because of your love!

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