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The Book Of DMAQ. Almost | All In

Of all the profane words that exist, I would like to share one that just makes me sick to my stomach. ALMOST. That word just grates on my last nerve. It’s life’s cop out word. It allows too many people who otherwise would aspire to be more, do more and achieve more in life to make an excuse for why they didn’t.
For someone who is a classic case of an overachiever ( although I tend to lean toward the term super committed), the word ALMOST just sends me to the outer reaches of the known universe. Ugh. Have you ever had to work with a half baked idea? Been on a team of co workers sorta kinda dedicated to getting the job done? Dare I say it…? Of course I will…you know me…seen people who are supposed to be practicing their faith but manifesting things that are the direct opposite of who they claim to be? It’s like being ALMOST pregnant. For Reals? For those of us who are believers, it’s like getting up, getting dressed in our Sunday Best, getting in the car, driving to the church and upon arrival, promptly sitting down on the curb just outside of the building. Congrats. you ALMOST heard what could have been the sermon that would have inspired the greatest change of your life.
I would like to offer a solution to the life draining condition called ALMOST. It’s a term that is quickly and thoroughly changing my life. ALL IN. My favorite sneaker company (shameless plug for the three stripes) has had a campaign that is the mantra of many a team dedicated to being the best in sport. It is embodied by a simple question: What team are you ALL IN for? Insert your favorite squad here. Now what if THAT team was YOU. Your family. Your faith. Your friendships. Your social cause. Especially your vision of who you are destined to be. Whatever you do. Don’t let ALMOST deprive you of your ALL IN. Seriously. Don’t let ALMOST happen to you.

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