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The Book Of DMAQ. Nun + Yasidi.

#Nun – If there is such a thing as righteous anger, I believe this is an appropriate matter to exercise it. I have chose to post this even in the midst of an impending announcement that I am expecting to make in the very near future. With that said, this post is rather lengthy due in part to the nature of what my view on these particular tragedies that continue to unfold as we bear witness to yet another set of atrocities. The only request I make is that you read this with a mature mindset. I am speaking from my heart and with passion and compassion:
Most of the time I do my best to see the big picture when it comes to matters of faith and culture. I believe in love all, serve all, but this right here…
I am LIVID over some of the commentary about how Israel is committing crimes against humanity for what is going on in Gaza City. Seriously? You can say that with a straight face…doesn’t death of loved ones feel the same for anyone who has the capacity to love and has lost?
This is a horrible situation. HORRIBLE. This has been going on since Ishmael and Isaac. If you study this latest round of rockets, bombs and bullets, some facts will be apparent. Stop the rockets, stop the tanks and the dying will subside on both sides. Disagree as much as you want, but that one simple act of attrition will save hundreds of lives every day. I have yet to hear of someone being yelled at to death.  I’m equally sure at some point, people realize how ignorant it is to be the only one screaming in a room that has no one in it. Wow. As we speak the cease fire has been extended and broken and yet again. Go figure.
But THAT isn’t what has set me off into orbit. Mosul, Iraq should equally set off every man who has a wife, man or woman who has children, and anyone who believes that freedom of religion and existence is their God Given right. But certainly not limited to those of us who fall into one of these categories.
RIGHT NOW. Yazidi women and children are being raped, being sold into sex trafficking rings and most horrifying, beheaded for standing by their faith. They are stranded on top of Mount Sinjar on the outskirts of Mosul, Iraq. THE ISIS terrorist group has repeatedly sent confirmed statements about what they are doing to them and the only thing that is happening is a bunch of freaking talk about what political policy needs to happen before the next political action can be contemplated. Currently on the ISIS Hitlist? Start with the Yazidi and Christian faiths, follow up with anyone else who dosen’t convert to the ISIS view of Islam. Including others who are of the Islamic faith. Once again. SERIOUSLY? You don’t see what’s coming…
Whatever political, denominational, sexual, cultural. or ethnic preference you subscribe to I could care less about in these set of moments. What I really would like to ask is, how come this isn’t setting off all kinds of uprisings from ALL groups of people? Especially Christians (of all faiths), LGBT, Anti-Deformation leagues, Women’s Rights, Civil Rights, Animal Rights, Feed the World Groups, We Are the World Types. Where are you right about now? Do we not understand that what they are going through on that mountain top dwarfs anything we are experiencing in this country? I don’t care whom you are aligned with right about now, WRONG IS WRONG and it’s WRONG to not stand up for women and children who are being murdered.
In Africa, in Central America, in Iraq, people of all nations need to be purposefully intent on rescuing these and all persecuted women and children around the world. I’m embarrassed that we Americans are blocking borders preventing women and children into the most powerful country on the face of Planet Earth, possessing the greatest force known to mankind and have not completely utilized the most advanced search and rescue teams to save these desperate people with no means to help themselves. However and whatever needs to be done, DO IT. If this was going to make the price of gas or Starbucks go up, this mission would be up, running and completed by now. Believe That. I really don’t care if Hillary, Bernie and The Donald are hugging it out. I care about Genocide of an entire race of people. Hey leaders of ALL political and civic organizations, GET TO WORK.
The lead story on every media outlet needs to be there really IS a War On Women. On children too. Gays, Christians,Tobacco Smokers, it’s coming your way. Brought to you by ISIS. And if you think this really isn’t really a big deal, just remember how we sat and said the same thing about a dude named Osama Bin Laden. Nah, that could never happen again. Seriously? It couldn’t? Sure it could. Mainly because ISIS has is roots in that supposed broken down group named Al-Qaeda. Remember them? If it looks like a duck, walks and quacks like a duck, newsflash…it’s probably a …
If there is a reason to be turned all the way up over an issue, this is the one I’m supremely ticked off about. Women and children and Christians are being executed on the top of a mountain by the hand of people they have done absolutely nothing to. I don’t think it’s overstating the obvious. This is so wrong on so many levels. How about this, insert your mom, grandmother, son and or daughter, your Christian Pastor, Non-related ISIS Imam, Catholic Father or Jewish Rabbi into the context of this commentary. Just consider that scene for a couple of minutes. Feeling me now? These Yasidi women and children are being massacred RIGHT NOW. Like… RIGHT NOW. In my best Samuel L. Jackson voice, “Say I don’t care. ONE MORE TIME…”

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