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The Book Of DMAQ. Plastic Jesus.

A street artist who goes by the name “Plastic Jesus” has unveiled a new piece that’s creating a bit of a stir: It depicts Kanye West as a giant gold Jesus being crucified. According to PJ, the “False Idol” piece—is meant to be commentary on pop culture’s worship of flawed human celebrities.

Kanye is a genius lyrist + producer but he’s NOT GOD, and unfortunately… THAT’S the altar of fame so many blindly + willingly place him and so many entertainers – faith based and secular ALIKE. Well, until they have a REAL LIFE issue or (dare I say it?) declaration of  relationship or REAL struggle with the Church,  then we crucify them like there is NO WAY they could ever struggle like the rest of us…

By all means, respect these innovative and supremely talented creatives for their incredible artistry, but let’s keep this all in proper perspective. FAME is fleeting. Your SOUL is ETERNAL.

The Plastic Jesus- False Idol piece is currently on display on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles but if you can’t make it to the LAX, check out the photo via That’s this chapter of The Book Of DMAQ on All Saints Radio. Music With A Higher Calling!

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