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The Book Of DMAQ. The Church Of Something.

Okay. I have to admit. Today I’m a bit irritated with the amount of judgmental people there are spewing judgement about how judgmental people who go to church are. Maybe it’s something as simple as the offended ones are attending the wrong church.
It could also be that they have met broken people who have not matured into the idea of who these judgmental think church going people should be.
Just because a person attends church doesn’t mean they somehow possess the wisdom of Dr. King, Mother Teresa, Calvin, Luther, or dare I say it?  Yup. I sure will… JESUS. It also doesn’t mean we are even close. But that last line is in and of itself the reason we sincere believers run to the hospital of the heart. You can find God in the most interesting situations AND people. Even broken church people.
I have experienced a conversion. Not like Paul on the road to Damascus. Not like doubting Thomas as he placed his fingers in the holes of the Risen Christ nor like Moses on any of the occasions during the Exodus. I haven’t danced in the fire that a fourth figure showed itself to Daniel’s friends Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego. Not at all. Mine was a very simple one involving a move of God’s grace through experiences involving acts of love involving those that believe in Christ and those who have no belief in God at all. Which has taught me what real church going people should take (but mostly give) from this life.
It grieves me that throughout history the corporate church has made horrible mistakes that have caused many to harbor hatred toward Christians. It IS sad. But in no way shape or form do I have to sit on the sidelines and let people who have a limited scope of who I am nor the scope of my personal faith lump me in with those who have misrepresented what my faith is all about. If you don’t share my belief, it’s all good with me. That doesn’t change my belief no more that it changes yours. It is kinda interesting to me that these same people don’t level the same harsh criticism on social media about Islam, Buddhists, Taoists, Orthodox Judaism, Jainism, Sikhism, Lamaism or the Atheists. It seems to be cool to be down with the Vampires (Day Walkers and otherwise), Wiccans and Warlocks and the such. Where are all the posts about the evils of each of THOSE religions. And please. Don’t even feed me some nonsense line about they don’t judge. Please.
What I’m getting at is this. Everyone attends a Church of Something. Whether we want to admit it to ourselves or not, everyone is judgmental. Socially, economically, racially, height, weight, intelligence including within religions of all kinds. So let’s just be real. Before exercising judgement of any kind, take a long hard look within. Whoever is without flaw, feel free to cast the first stone. For those church going people of all faiths, we need to do a better job of serving all and judging none. Since we have faith in our creator, then we know that by the measure we judge others, we shall be judged. Preach a compelling sermon with your life.

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