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The Book Of DMAQ. Life Lessons

 Of all the things I could be, I AM XTIAN (From the Greek Xt: translated – CHRIST). WOW. In this day and age, there are people who cannot answer what their purpose in life is, if they believe that they make a difference in the lives of others, and when their life’s journey on earth is complete, what happens next. Considering this, Here are a few observations concerning life’s lessons on this side of eternity…
In the last 12 months, God has helped me discover a whole new way of looking at life. The issue has never been whether or not I believe in Him. I have been God’s child all my life. Well, as far back as I can remember. I come from a long line of church folk. Preachers, Deacons, Sunday School teachers, Retreat Leaders, Bible Scholars and Church Mamas and Grandmamas, it’s like I’ve been surrounded by a fortress of faith designed and equipped to ensure my place in God’s plan from the start. We think we are in control of our destiny and we alone will determine how all this breathing in and out will unfold. 
And then life happens. A LOT of life happens. 
Life lesson number 1. You can know OF Jesus and not KNOW Jesus. Ever notice how many people can tell you about Christianity and yet have never completely read the Bible from start to finish even once? How unbelievable and unreasonable it is for a person to have a relationship with an Creator they can’t see but have relationships with multitudes of people on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ based on pictures and posts that are designed to get likes and shares on purpose? Hmmm. If we got a glimpse of each other’s everyday life, would it match the awesome photos and infinite wisdom and quotes that are posted each day? Somehow, I continue to be amazed that human beings care more about the lives of celebrities they don’t know than sincerely getting to know a man who died completely empty attempting to give us a gift we don’t even deserve. Thank God he thought so much of me to let His own take my place. Parents, would you send your child to die for someone else’s? On Purpose? Seriously? Because the greatest thing a man can do is lay down his life for another. Christ did that for me. And there is no amount of ridicule or hatred that will move me from my gratitude. 
Life lesson number 2. There must be something to this Jesus story because it’s been going on for way too long to be fake. Humans are naturally cynical. Man, who am I kidding. I’m one of these recovering cynics. In this age of digital special effects, we can make anything and anyone be a part of any story we want to tell. The thing is, the best special effects ever created happen to be recorded in the Bible. The more scientists do to prove how these events could or couldn’t have happened, the more articles have been appearing over the years where growing numbers of scientists are admitting that the existence of God is a very real conclusion. Heck, the most prized discovery in the scientific community is that of the Higgs-Boson. That would be the one that has the interesting nickname of THE GOD PARTICLE. It’s the one believed to be the piece of matter that the universe is built with. Why would the scientific community give it THAT nickname? 
As for the Jesus story, would you agree with me that in over two thousand years, with all the experts (both for and against) discussing, debating and downright arguing every single aspect of the life of Christ, I’m supposed to believe that this man didn’t exist and these events didn’t happen? His life implicated in books of faith that have nothing to do with him? Ever heard of the Torah? The Qu’ran? If you read them you would find the story of Jesus recorded in their pages. Hmmm. My reasoning leads me to believe that his existence is not the issue. It’s the polarizing declaration that Jesus IS the Messiah. The Light Of The World. The Anointed One. The Way, Truth and The Life. The only begotten son of Almighty God. I believe that’s what sets it off. It did two millennia ago and it continues to ignite to this day. For the record, I believe that Jesus is all of the aforementioned aliases.   
Life lesson number 3. There IS a Boss Of You. Because if we are truthful abbout it, we would like to believe we got this life thing all figured out. We believe for the most part we don’t need anyone to be the eternal boss of us. But I would submit that really isn’t the case. From the moment we arrive on this planet, there is someone who is the boss of us. Someone has been in charge of every aspect of our lives. Parents, teachers, coaches, senators and civic representatives. CEO’s and middle management. On a larger scale I would submit World Governments on various levels. We live under laws that weather we like it our not, reinforce that there is a boss of you. So if we can understand that other human beings can be in charge of the parameters our lives, why is it so hard to comprehend that there is an Eternal Boss Of You?  
Life lesson number 4. So Derriqmaq, What honor is there in being Xtian? First and foremost, I know that throughout life, the creator of the universe has given me continual opportunity to stand up for His son like He will one day stand up for me in front of His father. Those testimonies will determine the eternal fate of my soul. I would hope that anyone I meet can see I live what I believe to the point they are curious about Jesus the way Nicodemus, Zaccheus and so many others have come to know. Because of Jesus, my latter days are more effervescent and inspiring than my former. My gifts and contributions to this world matter because I have a personal relationship with the Son Of God. I do what I do and live a blessed life because of His grace.  It truly is an honor to live for the cause of Christ. It truly is. 

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