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The Book Of DMAQ. I AM. A Revolution

I AM a revolution. I wage war against Hell. The weapons I possess are the most powerful ever created but are only effective when given away.  
To drop a line from GRITS… fight within to win the battle. CHH fans, I know you get it. 
To die to oneself is the greatest victory I have ever experienced.  What has manifested  is a deeper understanding of how to love others where they are versus where I believe they may be heading in life. I constantly remind myself that I too am fatally flawed and remember times when friends and strangers alike have posed as God’s angels in disguise.
There are those that do not believe in the existence God. I do. That doesn’t mean I do not share my friendship with them. Even Jesus was called the friend of sinners. And God knows I have sinned. Plus, I don’t believe my creator would appreciate me discounting the worth of another one of His children. We all have free will and I believe He gave it to us. In the end, there’s a simple answer to this age old debate. Either God exists and there will be an eternal consequence for the choice of disbelief or we die and there is nothing past this life. My question to the non believer is… what if you are wrong? 
I’m not willing to travel down that road. For me, I’m not cavalier enough to think I don’t need God. I’m NOT convinced that man is the most intelligent being to ever have existed while war, poverty, disease and the destruction of the only planet we have ever existed on continues to be destroyed. We have no answer for the mystery of the moment of human conception. We have not cured cancer. We have not stopped genocide, we haven’t stopped the mutilation of young girls in Africa, we haven’t stopped sex trafficking. We either cannot or choose not to stop AIDS and that dude on the TV still has to ask us to send in just 37 cents a day to feed the kids with the flies in their eyes in some country we have never been to when those same kids are starving in the one we live in…
Yet I’m supposed to believe I have a better chance at a better life by putting my faith in mankind’s intelligence…please keep in mind, just because a person doesn’t believe something exists doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. 
I’m convinced my Creator put me here to be creative and find ways to share His agenda through artistic endeavor and encouraging people to seek His plan for their lives. I don’t have much because I don’t need much. What’s most important to me is manifesting the fruits of the spirit. I’m sure you have heard of them…love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Although there have been those crucified, executed and assassinated for possessing these traits, Millennium Saints continue to fight the good fight.
I am a revolution. I thank God he sent his son Jesus to save me. I hope someone will accept my invitation to meet Him along the road to Damascus…


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