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MaMa Ria. Car Wash.

Just like a car wash….


We pull up in our car that we are accustomed to driving ourselves. Then we have to align the car properly before the journey in and put it in neutral and let go of the wheel and control. The car gets scrubbed by some people at first before fully entering. At that point we go into a place where the workers cannot enter to finish the process. The big machine gets that job done. Soap, water, wax to seal the job and the desert dry finish. Even in its darkest moment when we can’t see anything else around us but the process happening, we somehow manage to trust that we will get out of there to the other side and that the job will be completed. Our car will be in better condition than it was when we first got there….


We are the vehicle in our journey back to our Father in heaven. There comes a time in our life in the journey where we have to align ourselves in surrenderance, submission, self discipline and love and let go of the wheel and trying to have control over the process. He will send the right people to give us the pre scrub before we enter into His presence where no one else can go with us. Not friends, family or Pastors. The Lord is the only one that can get the job done. He knows exactly what to do and use. He will seal the job before you come out of the desert (wilderness). You like when in the car wash, just have to know that even in your darkest moments when all you can see is what your going thru in the process, that there is a moment where you do come out. The work will be finished. You will see sunlight and all will be bright and shiny! We will come out in a better condition then we went in. Looking brand new!     


Isaiah 43:19 NLT
For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.

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