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MaMa Ria. Fire The Babysitter.

  Revelation at times,  when it hits you, it can leave you sitting in deep prayer and meditation for hours. With that being said, one day that exactly happened to me. The Holy Spirit brought a matter to my attention and I would like to share the revelation.

      In the natural  you could not imagine yourself sitting around doing absolutely nothing as an intruder comes into your home and begins to steal kill and destroy everything in your home, right before your eyes and you don’t even udder a word, attempt to do anything, let alone even have a thought on how to stop this. You most certainly would not begin to hand over your belongings with a smile on your face while helping them.  We would consider what we have in our home to be valuable. We worked hard for it! Why would we just sit quietly without a fight as someone walks off with it! Even if they threatened us with some type of weapon that could end our lives, as soon as they walked off with our things, we would call the Police, give them all the information that we had in hopes that we would get our things back and they would be charged and suffer the consequences for their wrong doing. Whether it be in thought, verbalized or in action we would do something.

Brace yourselves for the following, as a lot of us are guilty of this….

Why then would we allow, in the spirit,  the enemy to come into our homes to kill, steal and destroy our children? (John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill , and to destroy…)  He pointed out to me that we are leaving Satan to babysit our children. And there it is. Some of you may be awakened by this and some may be offended but nevertheless it is the truth. In this world where there are so many new avenues for filth to be one touch or click away from our children’s hands, some of us are guilty of going out and purchasing these items, paying for the wifi and putting it in their hands and walking away because it will keep them busy, happy and out of our way for several hours. Ouch! I know. Some parents are in denial about the addiction in our  own lives let alone admit we leave them with the enemy as a babysitter so that we won’t be disturbed while we are in the other room allowing him to distract and destroy us too.

Then we wonder after a while, why our child’s behavior has changed and at some point is out of control. How can it be that some stranger they reached out to at the end of their rope knows more about our child then we do. The truth is, it is a setup from the enemy to destroy families. Ask yourselves these questions: Do we pray, read the Bible, worship, fast and minister the gospel to people together? Do we volunteer, give to charity? Do we play games, take walks, eat together? How about do we know each other’s favorite color, food, book? Do we know each other’s goals in life, fears and what makes each other happy?

It’s no wonder, they are left vulnerable at a young age and when the enemy sends an intruder, a wolf in sheep’s clothing , who will give them the attention and love they desire, that they would walk right into that trap. God’s first covenant was with Adam and Eve as husband and wife and He told them to be fruitful and multiply. Family is important to Him. It is supposed to establish relationship and unconditional love. How do you do that if you don’t spend time with each other? If as a parents we allow the enemy to be our children’s babysitter.

Yes, there are such things as parental control on these devices and privacy settings on some social media but nevertheless there are also methods of protection against pregnancy and STD’s as well and some have found themselves still in a predicament. Even with precautions set up, there is nothing better than quality time with each other. Hands on love and nurturing relationships with memories.  

It states in that same scripture verse, John 10:10  I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. In one verse we are clearly told what the enemy comes to do and what the Lord comes to do. Re evaluate who’s babysitting one of the most precious gift(s) that has been given to you because it may be time to fire your babysitter.

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